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    • Vivica A. Fox's Jamaican Birthday Getaway

      Vivica A. Fox celebrates her birthday in fine style in Jamaica's second city as Montego Bay plays host to the American actress and producer with a private cocktail reception at the all inclusive Hyatt Ziva at Rose Hall. The celebration's birthday climax features an indulgent dinner featuring the culinary stylings of internationally acclaimed Chef Collin Brown before giving way to an even grander time at Vivica A. Fox's exclusive after party at the White Witch Club House. Visit oceanstyletravel.com for more details.

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      Vivica A. Fox's Jamaican Birthday Getaway
    • There's an App for That: Cayman Visitor

      The Cayman Islands offer an authentic experience for all ages, its azure Caribbean waters bringing endless entertainment to visitors while contributing to some of the tastiest food experiences in the world. Enhance your visit to the island with Cayman Visitor, the official app of the Cayman Islands. The complete vacation planner includes a wide variety of hotels, beaches, shops, golf courses, photos, currency exchange and much more. In the age of convenience, Cayman Visitor allows you portability and ease of access to the island's most memorable experiences.

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      There's an App for That: Cayman Visitor
    • Tina Matalon

      Tina Myers-Matalon’s Keys to Success

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      Tina Matalon
    • 72 Hours in St. Barths

      OCEAN Style contributor Darcy Mayfair recounts her luxury weekend on the exclusive island.

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      72  Hours in St. Barths
    • Chef Collin Brown's Escovitch Fish

      A Jamaican favourite, escovitch fish combines the bold flavours of a peppery vinaigrette with succulent fish for a delectable treat. Here, Chef Collin Brown shares his take on a classic dish.

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      Chef Collin Brown's Escovitch Fish
    • Cuba to Premier Tobacco Trail

      Cuba is preparing to premier a new tourist attraction inspired by the island's renowned cigar industry. The recent announcement by Cuba's Ministry of Tourism told of the upcoming launch of the Tobacco Trail or Tobacco Route in September 2015. The Tour is set to take place during their tourism and nature fair in the Pinar del Rio province, home to many tobacco plantations. Cuba's tobacco is prized as the world's finest and the country is considered the birthplace of cigars and the premium cigar industry.

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      Cuba to Premier Tobacco Trail
    • High Design: Lone Star, Barbados

      Each of the six rooms at this beachfront resort is named after a famous car, which is fitting considering the property was actually a former Texaco garage. Still, its design - following a renovation that debuted in 2013 - looks nothing like a beat up classic. Crisp white linens, hardwood or marble floors with sisal rugs, airy four-poster beds evokes the chicest Hamptons home more than your Caribbean mainstay.

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      High Design: Lone Star, Barbados
    • Drink of Choice: Ti' Punch

      This simple mix of white rum, cane sugar and lime is served on the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe where drinkers are presented with a glass of rum, a lime and some syrup to make it up as they wish. How to Make Ti' Punch Ingredients: - 2 oz. white rum - 1 oz. cane syrup or simple syrup - 1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice - Ice Assemble: 1. Combine rum, syrup and juice in a cocktail shaker or glass. Stir to combine. 2. Pour rum mixture into large glass. Gently add ice. 3. Garnish with lime peel, if desired.

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      Drink of Choice: Ti' Punch
    • The Imaginative Chef Collin Brown

      Internationally acclaimed Chef Collin Brown is set to cater Vivica Fox's exclusive Jamaican Birthday Getaway at The Tavern at White Witch. Born in Jamaica in 1972, Chef Brown started cooking at the tender age of eight, becoming a professional Seafood Chef by the time he was sixteen. He then moved to the Cayman Island where he studied the art of fine dining but, as creative and eager to learn more and forever passionate about food, he decided to move to London to study European cuisine.

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      The Imaginative Chef Collin Brown
    • Hurvin Anderson's Last House

      Hurvin Anderson's Last House is an oil on linen composition with expressionist palm trees that captures vibrantly coloured but fading memories of a distant tropical home. Anderson is a British painter whose paintings dance between abstraction and figuration instilling a sense of longing through recollection.

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      Hurvin Anderson's Last House
    • Strap in and Fly High!

      Described as a combination of skydiving, scuba diving and jet skiing, a water jetpack is a great testament to the fact that the future is now. Riders are suited up in a stainless steel contraption through which 1000 gallons flow through a 52-foot hose to create the lift necessary to fly. Though it may seem contrary, the number one tip is to stay calm when its your first time flying.

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      Strap in and Fly High!

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